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Visualization of English Pronunciation


1. Text

(Note: click on a word to listen to its sound.)


2. Transcription 


3. Word Group

(Note: click the blank space between two words to listen to the word group that contains both words.)

A word group is either an Intonation Phrase or an Intermediate Phrase. The double vertical line symbol here represents an Intonation Phrase Boundary.


4. Stress

Stressed words are drawn with a large bold font. Unstressed words are drawn with a regular size, normal style font. Weak forms of function words are drawn with a small italic font.


5. Liaison

(Note: Click the blank space above an arc linking two words to listen to their sound.)


6. Duration

(Note: click a phonetic symbol to listen to its sound in the recording.)

The width of the color-filled rectangle behind a phonetic symbol indicates the duration of the segment.


7. Allophonic Variations

( Note: hover your mouse over a number to see the allophonic variation it represents; click a number to see the phonological rule about the variation.)

A number between the two lines of transcription represents either an allophonic variation, or a special reminder. There are 6 numbers in the above figure:

(1)Unaspirated voiceless stop: this is a reminder for Chinese students who often pronounce all voiceless stops as aspirated.

(2)Tapping: /t, d/ between two vowels often become taps or flaps, if the second vowel is unstressed.

(3)Stop without audible release:when two stops occur in a row, the release of the first stop is often inaudible.

(4)Vowel reduction: a vowel in an unstressed syllable is often reduced.

(5)Stop without audible release.

(6)Unaspirated voiceless stop.


8. Pitch Contour


9. Pitch Segments

(Note: click a pitch segment to listen to its sound. )


10. Tone

Tone symbols can be displayed before stressed words in the text. 


11. Word Wrap


12. Transcriptions in Paragraphs and Pages

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